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Quartz Flooring in Weston comprises quartz sand and calcium carbonate and is entirely natural. Quartz is one of the most challenging natural stones on the planet, making it an ideal flooring choice for commercial buildings that see a lot of foot traffic and regular wear and tear. In commercial flooring, quartz has swiftly become a hot new trend. Let's look at what quartz flooring is, the benefits of quartz flooring, and the two most popular quartz flooring applications in today's business market to better understand why.

Quartz Flooring in Weston comprises quartz, a colorless and odorless mineral. It becomes scratch-resistant and nonporous when mixed with other materials such as calcium carbonate. Quartz is comparable to diamonds in hardness, with a 7-rating compared to a 10 for diamonds. Because natural quartz is white, the resin is added to it, resulting in various patterns and colors on quartz displays. Quartz flooring is an excellent choice for any area that is quite busy and requires a lot of traction due to its longevity and strength. It's also scratch-resistant, thanks to the resin that's been applied.

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