Metallic Epoxy Floor Port Everglades

Concrete Floor Coating

The Epoxy Pros provide high quality installations for a Metallic Epoxy Floor in Port Everglades, transforming commercial and residential floors with a slip and chemical resistant surface that requires minimal maintenance. Rapidly curing and ready for foot traffic within 12 hours and vehicular traffic within 96 hours, our professional team utilizes a 5-step installation process that uses high-quality commercial-grade epoxy, polyurethane, and polyurea-Polyaspartic floor coatings in a variety of colors. Providing you with high performance floor coatings at a competitive price, our team provides unsurpassed workmanship and timely installations.

Utilizing a multi-step process for your Metallic Epoxy Floor, your Port Everglades installation will be handled with the highest level of professionalism and commitment to excellence. Grinding the slab and filling any cracks and holes as well as thoroughly cleaning between each step to minimize dust, we properly prepare your slab before applying the epoxy basecoat. The metallic chips used to create your finished floor give each installation a unique look, allowing you to choose from transparent, silver, or colorful chips to create a subtle or dramatic finish. Chemically resistant to nearly all household and automotive chemicals as well as impacts, scratches, stains, chips, and more, these floors are designed to withstand heavy use.

For Garage Floor Coating that be easy to maintain, long-lasting, and tough select the floor coating from The Epoxy Pros. Our experts will quickly install your floor coating which is superior to other floor coatings. Our customers are very pleased with the results, and we know that you will be too. Contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss your floor coating needs. We guarantee our floor coating will stand up to the everyday demands of your garage. The Epoxy Pros are ready to assist you with your garage floor needs and give you a free quote.

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